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K S Telecom is QUALITY

Welcome to K S Telecom, Inc., where high quality, competitive pricing and excellent customer service are key components of everything we do.

We have been providing quality service in northern California since 1995. Our specialty is looking at the overall project and coming up with a cost effective design that works best for you, our customer. Count on K S Telecom, Inc. for all your cabling, audio/visual, and surveillance needs.

K S Telecom, Inc. has been in business since 1995.  We are a one-stop shop for all your voice, data, fiber, surveillance (CCTV), A/V, and TV needs. We have also branched out into cameras and access control systems with our partner Avigilon.  We pride ourselves on quality service and outstanding customer support. With (3) Registered Communications Distributor Designers (RCDD) on staff, you can be sure that your network will be designed to current standards with full component functionality upon installation.  We design systems that work.  Our BICSI qualified technicians and installers will ensure top notch installation, testing, and certification.  Check out our services below or contact us to learn more.


We offer a lot of services for our customers so they don’t have to go anywhere else.






We design, install and service all sizes of voice cable plants. Whether it’s a one-room office or a multi-story building, we can handle all your needs. Our technicians have a combined 90 years of experience in this field and can troubleshoot almost any problem.

In the unlikely event we can’t fix a problem, we have a network of trusted providers who can.


Data implementations are the bread-and-butter of our business. A poor data installation could be incredibly costly to your company, because just one kink in a cable can reduce its effectiveness by 50%. We pride ourselves on properly training our technicians and not cutting any corners. We require our employees to regularly attend seminars and classes to improve their skills, learn new technologies and improve their installation techniques.


Your network is only as fast as your slowest point. If your fiber is not properly installed it will create a bottleneck and slow down your network.
Fiber requires thought, skill and experience for a proper installation. Our qualified, deeply experienced technicians can meet your needs from single mode to multi-mode, including fusion splicing, OTDR testing and more.  Count on us to help you evaluate, design and install a fiber backbone system that will carry you into the future.

Surveillance (CCTV)

Whether you’d like surveillance to prevent or catch vandalism, track material loss, or just to see who’s coming and going, we have a solution for you.  From analog to IP, we have a wide range of security cameras to fit your every need.  Many of our systems now integrate access control as well.  This helps to streamline your security needs. 

Access Control

Our Access Control is IP based and controlled.  This allows a more user friendly design and access anywhere.  Both mobile and stationary locations can be provided.

CAD & Visio Drawings

Hand-drawn prints and a lack of cable numbering are now in the distant past. We’ll give you a nice printed, and in some cases color, copy of your cable plant, which you can use to not only locate your cables but also easily update as future moves, adds and changes are made. Let us help you with your CAD and Visio needs.

Even though many TV applications are now running over data cabling, there are still instances where existing campuses and some new campuses are using COAX for more than just analog cameras.  If your site requires anything from a standard RG-6 to a hard line COAX, including taps and splitters, we can fulfill your needs.
Testing & Certification

There are some companies that have tainted the industry.  Most customers have seen them at least once along the way.  Many don’t see them again because they’ve done such poor work that either customers don’t want them back or they didn’t stay in business.
K S Telecom, Inc. stands by our work and tests everything.  From mod tap testing voice feeds for connectivity, shorts, crosses and opens to OTDR testing fiber cable, we stand by our work.  When we’ve completed a project, EVERY cable has been tested.  In some cases, like in fiber, it may be tested up to 3 times, once on the reel, pre-installation and post installation.

All our test results are kept on our server and can be provided at any time.  Many customers used to ask for the book of test results, but that takes up a lot of space.  Since 2007, to be environmentally friendly, we’ve tried to provide only PDF versions, which can easily be kept on a hard drive somewhere and does not take up shelf space or require a tree to be cut down.
If your cable plant is in question, please feel free to give us a call.  In many cases, we can start with a simple evaluation for you, a spot check if you will.  You may be amazed at what you will find.  That brand new 10-gig fiber you paid so dearly for may not test to 10-gig because the contractor didn’t know better and was not held accountable.  They installed a 10-gig cable that was only built for 150 meters out over 1000 feet, resulting in a 1-gig pipe when you needed a 10-gig one.

We can help with such a situation, as well as many others. Get in touch.

Workmanship & Extended Warranties

K S Telecom, Inc. takes pride in providing quality installations.  Up and down northern California, we’ve been installing cabling and low-voltage systems since 1995.  Thankfully, we’ve found that taking pride in our work and providing quality installations results in repeat business.

Many of our customers have been with us for 10-15 years and more.  We appreciate all of you!  We will always go the extra mile to make sure the job is done right, and we back it up with a 1-year workmanship warranty in most cases. 
K S Telecom, Inc. also has many industry partners in the industry — through them, we have become authorized dealers and or installers.  Being an authorized dealer and/or installer allows us to work with them and you to provide a manufacturers’ extended warranty.  Depending on the type of system and product, this can range from 2 years to a limited lifetime warranty.  Please feel free to ask about the manufacturers’ extended warranties we can provide for you on upcoming projects.

Thank you for seeing what our team had to say.

Now read what our customers are saying…

“We have an excellent relationship with KS Telecom. The quality of professionalism of their services are the best.”

- Vernon Alvarado

Merced County Office of Education

"Thank you for your great work and for working with us to keep costs down! No wonder you came so highly recommended. Thanks again!"

-Casey Taylor, Principal/Superintendent, Achieve Charter School

"It has always been a positive experience working with KS Telecom and their technicians on site at our stores… During our recent projects at our Yreka and Meyers stores, Jacob has been a pleasure to work with. His knowledge and experience is present during his work and his finished product is clean and professional. I would gladly have him at any projects with KS telecom and our stores in the future."

-Nathan – Meek’s Lumber and Hardware

"KS Telecom, Inc. sets their standards higher than expectation, going out of their way to make the job perfect."

-Jim Jensen, ISET Technician I, Tracy Unified School District

"I wanted to take a moment to personally say, 'Thanks for a job well done!' Your work looks great."

-Robert Hershey, President, Hershey Electric

"Thanks for doing an awesome job every time, guys!"

-Jon Karis, MIS/IT, Zoom Imaging Solutions, Inc.


"Thanks SOOOO much for working with us on this crazy mess! Your techs were very nice, professional and flexible."

-Cindy Terpe, El Dorado County Office of Education

"We have an excellent relationship with KS Telecom. The quality and professionalism of their services are the best IMHO."

-Vernon Alvarado, Merced County Office of Education

"Your guys did a fantastic job today. It looks really great, very neat and very professional. It's making us look good!!"

-Mark Howley, Butterfield Electric

"Thank you for a great job. I hope to work with you in the future on some other projects."

-Mike Vincelli, Shasta Union High School District

"The project KS Telecom, Inc. completed for us were finished before school started and they went out of their way to help me get my equipment running."

-Jim Jensen, ISET Technician I, Tracy Unified School District

"The crew is doing a fantastic job!"

-Ray Williams, Atwater Elementary School District

"You ROCK!"

-Logan Lemming, El Dorado County Office of Education

"Thanks so much for always being so flexible and understanding. All your guys are great to work with!!"

-Cindy Terpe, El Dorado County office of Education

"Thanks for the great work!"

-John Dahlgren, Nord Country School

"Tim and crew are doing a fantastic job. It's clean, neat, and done quick. The staff is VERY happy. I'm happy I don't have to babysit!"

-Bob Lyons, Western Placer Unified School District

"It is a pleasure to have such a dedicated group of people at KS Telecom, Inc. helping me take care of my projects."

-Jim Jensen, ISET Technician I, Tracy Unified School District

Our Latest Completed Projects

School Security System

Complete access controls system installed for all personale and student entry.

Wireless Communications

Removed the old hard-wired system and modernized it with current technology and mobility.

Access Management

Programmed and installed a complete keyless-entry system for all doors for the building.


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